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1. Who Can Ride?

Anyone with a dirt bike and helmet. We strongly recommend you wear all the Motocross protective gear, but we only enforce helmets. Insurance, licence or registration is not needed to ride on a closed course like ours. We have a tracks for all bike types, skill levels and ages. We also allow mini quads to ride on our mini and beginner tracks.

Note: We do not allow full sized quads. Sorry we are too busy with motorcycles – and quads and bikes move much differently and do not mix well together.

2. Do you rent bikes?

Sorry no. Try all season rental.

3. Do I need registration and insurance?

No. This is a closed course so registration and insurance are not required.

4. Can I Camp at the Park?

Only for events.  There may be a fee for larger events.  Check the Events page for details.

5.  Why are women’s membership and day fees lower than the mens?

One of the goals at the park is to encourage women to ride.  On average, every year we have less women than men riders, and the average number of times a woman rides throughout the year is less than the average males.  Our goal year over year is to continuously increase the number of women riding at the park and increase the frequency in which they ride.  One of the ways we have chosen to help encourage women to ride is by providing a reduced rate.

6. Do you have riding lessons?

Yes, there are private motocross schools available. Click here for more info

7. Do you have organized practice?

Organized practice may be run on weekends in the early spring if the track is very busy for safety. During most of the year open practice is run.

Organized Practice Rules:

a) You can only go in one practice class per day do not try to ride in more than one practice class.

b) Obey the flagger.

c) Any abuse of the flagger (or any staff) will result in immediate expulsion from the track and possible fines or suspension of riding privileges.

8. What to do if you spot a downed rider?

As always if you spot a downed rider pull off the track in a safe place turn around and flag down up coming riders to ensure no one runs over the down rider. Once all the riders are stopped then check on the injured rider. If the rider can not leave the track on their own power close the track and go to the entrance gate to call 911. The track is closed until the ambulance leaves the track area.



Q. What is snow riding?

A. Snow riding at the Wild Rose Motocross Park is riding after we are closed for ‘normal’ riding when there is snow, ice and frozen dirt.

Q. Who can snow ride?

A. Anyone! We open for snow riding so you can come and use a 5 ride card, pay day fee or use your membership to enter.

Q. When can I snow ride?

A. We open for snow riding on weekends and holidays through the winter after we are too frozen for normal riding. We snow ride when the temp’s are better than minus 10 and when there is not so much snow that it would be very difficult to ride in.

Q. What do I need to snow ride?

A. You will need studded tires and warm enough clothing for the conditions.

Q. Where can I get studded tires?

A. Any bike shop, but Blackfoot Direct tends to have stock on snow riding tires (tires that use an antifreezing compound) and studs.

Q. Can I just make my own studded tires?

A. Sure! We don’t inspect your tires, so run what ever crazy tire you want.

Q. Can I ride a snow bike with a track on the back?

A. No, sorry. We don’t have enough snow for that in general and if there is enough snow for snow bikes we are closed anyway.

Q. Do you groom the snow on the track to get rid of drifts?

A. Not normally. It can be very difficult to get the dozer around when it is frozen and snowy without getting it stuck. Also revenues from snow riding aren’t enough to justify running the equipment all the time. Snow riding should be considered like off road riding where you ride what nature throws at you. That said if conditions are right we will occasionally move some snow.

Q. When does snow riding end?

A. In the spring there is normally a time when the ground starts to melt out and we end up with a few inches of muck on top of frozen soil for a few weeks. This is the time to take off your studded tires as the next opening is for normal riding again.

Note: we discourage you from running studded tires once they are not needed as they are a safety concern if you run into or over anyone by accident.

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