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2024 Mid Season Membership Pricing Discount Is In Effect

Wild Rose Motocross Association (WRMA) was formed in 1984 and is incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act (50322681). Prior to participation in any WRMA events or using any of the WRMA facilities you are required to become a member of the Wild Rose Motocross Association and abide by the WRMA By-Laws, Rules and Regulations.

Applicants must read and understand the rules, regulations, and clearly accept the liability restriction and related waivers imposed and applied by the WRMA as set out in this application and agreement. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations may result in termination of that membership. WRMA hereby reserves the right to terminate membership and restrict privileges for any reason. Memberships are granted annually and, once granted, are not transferable. Use by anyone other than the designated member constitutes fraud. Memberships granted under this application expire on February 29th, 2025.

If you’d like to read the membership waiver you can click here to view/download it as a PDF document.

Please note you can not enter the track without paying until you have your membership card. We will email you a temporary card usually within 24 hours, but please allow 48 hours. Your hard card will be available at the entrance for pickup within 10 days.

If you have a credit memo/gift certificate to use, please email before filling in the membership form as the instructions for payment are different.

Please note that due to the online format this year, we are unable to use previous years’ photos. Photos must be taken looking at the camera, no head tilts, no multiple people in one shot, no hats or sunglasses. Please remember that the staff checking you into the park must be able to compare the photo on your card with you.


Free Associate Memberships Now Available – skip the sign in board!


Until now, only members could enter the park without signing the waiver. But now, if you are not a member you can now fill out the information and waiver below and get your Associate Member card so you can enter the park without having to fill out the waiver! And it’s free!

Great for day riders, 5 ride card riders and spectators, anyone who access the park regularly and is not already a paying member. It also benefits the park’s strength in numbers as the city considers our land for new roads and bus barns.