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Our Rules


Help keep our park safe and open! To ride at the park you must follow our rules. You can and will be asked to leave with out a refund it you are found in violation of our rules.


Key Rules

1. You must wear a Helmet whenever you are riding any motorcycle or bicycle anywhere in the park!

2. Ride slowly and safely in the parking area!

3. Drugs and Alcohol are not allowed in the park!

4. No doubling-one rider per bike!

Other Important Rules:

The park is located within the city limits, so we must follow all Calgary bylaws such as no riding before 9 am or after 10 pm (including race days), and you must wear a helmet when riding any motorcycle, quad,  or bicycle.

Do not ride a track that is marked closed, or is being worked on or has medical personnel on it.

Be careful to enter tracks at a safe location.

Be sure you are riding the track in the correct direction. If you are not sure ASK!

Watch for slower riders and pass them carefully.

Do not ride beyond your capabilities. Stay off of tracks you can not ride at a smooth, consistent pace. You may be asked not to ride a track that any WRMA official deems is beyond your capabilities.

If a faster rider is passing you- hold your line do not zig-zag across the track.

If you see a downed rider: get yourself off the track at a safe location. Then circle back to alert up coming riders of the accident-wave them down from the side of the track. Once the area is safe from upcoming riders attend to the downed rider. Do not move the rider, call an ambulance. THE TRACK IS CLOSED TO RIDING UNTIL THE INJURED RIDER IS CLEARED FROM THE TRACK AND ALL EMERGENCY CREW HAVE LEFT THE TRACK AREA!!! DO NOT CONTINUE RIDING THE TRACK!!!

Obey all signs and all instructions from any WRMA officials and staff.

Drive cars slowly and safely in the park.

Pets must be kept safely contained and leashed.

Do not litter, throw all your garbage into our bins or take it home. Do not dispose of oil or tires at the park take them to city land fill for safe disposal.

Thank you for following our rules to keep your park safe.

WRMA Trailer and RV Parking Policy:

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