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Trailer Parking at WRMA

If you just want to come ride for day and take your truck and or trailer home when you leave there is no charge to park. Similarly, for Super Series race weekends you can camp or leave your trailer in the park from Friday to the end of Sunday’s racing at no extra charge.

Other race weekends may have a camping charge for the duration of the event weekend.

But if you want to leave your RV or trailer in the park during the week and not take it home there are three options:

  1. Parking pad rental
  2. Annual Parking Pass
  3. Super Series Parking Pass

1.Parking Pad Rental – Parking pads are rented on an annual basis and include a reserved parking spot with a concrete pad to put your bike on. Pad renters need to move their units off their pad for the Pro National (we provide another space in the park during this time) and for other major events, like the Mud Girl Run. There is usually a wait list to get a parking pad. For more information on parking pads email

2. Annual Parking Pass – $400 – This allows you to leave your trailer in the park but with out a reserved spot or bike pad. You must be a member to purchase an Annual Parking Pass. Pass holders need to remove their trailers from the park for the Pro National and other major events like the Mud Girl Run.

3. Super Series Parking Pass- $100 per series – Allows a racer to leave their unit in the park during the span of the spring or fall Super Series so they don’t have to haul it in and out of the park each week. The trailer can come in one week prior to the Series and must be out of the park within a week of the end of the race series.


There is no implied security at the park. Any risk of damage or theft is entirely borne by the trailer owner.
Trailer parking is intended for riders to have their race vehicle at the park for use when riding and racing. Not as a storage facility.

Trailers can be accessed when the park is open.
Any trailer parking pass is intended for one unit only. Example one trailer or truck and trailer. Not two camper trailers.

Trailers must be registered at the entrance gate and fees paid before parking.

WRMA reserves the right to remove any trailer or RV at any time that does not follow our rules.

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