Save The Park

Save the Park

Wild Rose MX: A Call to Action

The City of Calgary has proposed a road plan that poses a significant threat to the Wild Rose Motocross Association facility, a vital community hub. The proposed plan also hints at a potential Calgary Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility, putting the future of the off-road riding area in jeopardy.


Why Wild Rose MX Matters:

  • Not-for-profit Association: A hub for recreational off-road riding, providing a safe environment for families and friends.
  • Community Hub: Beyond recreation, it serves as a sport facility, hosting competitions at local, provincial, and national levels, fostering inclusivity for all ages and abilities.
  • Tourism Impact: Draws attention from local, provincial, and national competitions, contributing to Calgary, Alberta, and Canada’s tourism appeal.
  • Economic Contribution: Numerous businesses, from local to global, depend on the facility, offering a diverse range of services.
  • City Alignment: Aligns with the City of Calgary’s strategic priorities, enhancing cultural, recreational, and tourism assets.

Take Action:

  1. Online Feedback: Share your voice by dropping a pin at the Wild Rose Motocross Association via this link before January 12th and leave a comment in the discussions at the bottom of the page.


Protecting Our Unique Asset:

Wild Rose Motocross Park is a rare attraction globally, serving as an integral part of Calgary’s identity. The public’s input should extend beyond road crossings to consider the profound impact on this irreplaceable cultural and economic resource.

Preserving Wild Rose MX is not just an investment in motocross; it is a commitment to sustaining a unique asset that contributes significantly to the cultural and economic fabric of Calgary and beyond. Act now to safeguard this invaluable community gem.


Join the Discussion:

Your voice matters, and this Facebook group is a space for us to update, unite and take collective action. SAVE THE PARK – Wild Rose MX via this link.


Make A Donation:

If you would like to donate to the committee that is working to preserve and keep Wild Rose MX open, it would be greatly appreciated.


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